Productivity 101

If you’re an entrepreneur like me, you know the value of productivity and the places it can take you. My one trick to get things done and do it well is shaking off procrastination and do something as soon as I am told it needs to be done. Whether it’s making a phone call, replying to an email or scheduling meetings. Why? Firstly, it helps you get things off your list and get more done, second and most importantly you won’t forget to do a task because you won’t put it off for later.

1.Finish what you start: This sentence has resonated with me all through my life. I believe it serves as a testament for people who are hardworking and shows the virtue of persistence in an individual. I don’t only follow this with tasks that are important but also those that might seem trivial, like working on your blog and being consistent with it. Remember, the best way to lead is by example. Your employees will only be as efficient as you are.

2. Make a to do list: I know it may sound funny and childish, but it most certainly isn’t. The first thing I do when starting my work day is make a ‘To-Do’ list for the day. I take a sticky note either from the office stationery or on my laptop and jot down the tasks I intend to get done. By the end of the day it helps me reflect on what has been done and how productive I was.

3. Use your calendar: Most of us own a smart phone these days however I feel that not all of us use a smartphone to its utmost capability. I personally try to use the calendar the most since I have a lot on my plate and a lot of networking scheduled for me, I like to manage them all through my calendar. This not only helps me in planning ahead but also makes sure I don’t jumble things up or have embarrassing confusions like forgetting what time I had a meeting with a client or miss out on a great networking opportunity.

4. Eliminate time drain: Although smartphones can boost our productivity, they can also make us procrastinate. Smartphones are engineered to provide us with rich, engaging content. This can sometimes lure our focus away from work as we can spend endless amounts of time peering at our screens instead of working. I try and limit my smartphone usage as much as I can, unless I’m on-the-go and cannot use my laptop.

5. Sleep well: Although it might not feel so, but a nap can do wonders for your productivity. Our brain can take a lot, but it needs some time to rest. Many companies around the world let you take a nap when you need it most for the sole reason that when you’re sleepy, your productivity falls by 60–70%. Sleepy? Take a nap and see how your productivity goes up tenfold!

6.Don’t limit yourself to a cubicle: You do not need an office to work in. What you need is focus. If you’re focused, you will be able to achieve much more than when you aren’t. Also, it is not necessary to sit in an office to be able to focus. Many startups these days let employees work in the place they feel most productive at, even if it is on a beach! If the required result is that the work must be done in time, the location where it is completed should not matter as long as timelines are adhered to. I personally feel if we limit ourselves to a particular please to be productive, we cannot reach our maximum potential. So, work where you feel like and whenever you feel like.

7. Delegate where you get stuck: If you think you have too much on your plate, delegate some of your work. Delegation helps boost employee morale by giving them more responsibility, making them feel like they are an asset to the company and lets you focus on driving growth rather than caring about the nitty gritty. All successful companies delegate trivial and sometimes non-trivial tasks to ensure that the pool of ideas is not restricted to one person and everyone gets to share the load.

Outdoing yourself should be the goal, every day of the year. Although this list of best practices is not complete and may not be the best way out for everyone, but it will surely point you in the right direction. Direction, dedication, focus and delegation are the keys to success and I hope it helps you achieve your goal.

Growth and Productivity works side by side and that’s where Shashank Shukla supports Entrepreneurs to find their EUREKA moment




Performance Growth Strategist |I help Accountants, Bookkeepers, Freelancers & BPOs create processes to generate growth, leads, & revenue 5X to 10X!

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Shashank Shukla

Shashank Shukla

Performance Growth Strategist |I help Accountants, Bookkeepers, Freelancers & BPOs create processes to generate growth, leads, & revenue 5X to 10X!

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